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Amamos Tanto a Stana


Interview with Stana Katic from Spanish version of Esquire Magazine.  English translation of the article and interview by Nicole Goldszmidt. Thanks Nicole! 🙂

| A multi-faceted performer |

Stana Katic talks about her two latest projects: The hit show, “Castle” and an independent film, “For Lovers Only”, which has become a phenomenon.

“Castle” fans surely were on the verge of a heart attack with the third season finale and they’re probably counting the days to the 1st ep of season 4. Some TV shows have endings in which the mysteries are solved. Others, like “Castle”, follow the same storyline all over the season and leave a “cliff hanger” at the last episode.
If you didn’t see “Castle” yet, what you need to know to understand the fourth season (although I strongly recommend to purchase the dvds and watch them all) is the following: Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is a world famous thriller writer – with the same style of John Grisham or Dan Brown – who’s working with the NYPD. Castle will draw on det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to write his next book and main character, Nikki Heat. As Rick is Mayor’s friend, he will be allowed to assist the crimes and he will end up being a major help to solve them, along with the NYPD detectives.
The only thing that Beckett is still unable to resolve is her mother’s murder, 12 years ago. Each season, Kate is closer to the truth, but as this murder was part of a conspiracy in which powerful people were involved, evidence disappear and witnesses die. In the third season finale, Castle and Beckett discover that someone from the NYPD is involved and Kate ends up being the target of assassination. On the other hand, Rick and Kate finally talk about themselves: “What about us?” he asks her. But of course, before knowing the answer, season ends.

Kate Beckett’s role is not the only thing that keeps Stana Katic busy. She recently worked with Mark and Michael Polish (“Twins Fall Idaho”, “Northfork”, “The Astronaut Farmer”) independent filmmakers who make Robert Rodriguez’s “El Mariachi” to looks like a big-budget film. People love them. Roger Ebert described “Northfork” (2002) as a work of art. Their most recently project is, so far, the best of their career and they did it without a lot of money. Directed by Michael and written and starred in by Mark, it’s an intimate film with a black and white beautiful imagery, which pays homage to the French Wave (French films from the 60ties). “For Lovers Only” was shot with a Canon 5D camera, daylights, except for a scene that was illuminated by Michael’s iPhone. The film is about a photographer, Yves, who meets an old love, Sophia, during a Paris trip. They make a tour around France together (from Normandy to St. Tropez) and they realize that they’re still deeply in love.
The Polish Brothers filmed the movie without any permission – people thought that they were newlyweds making a personal video – they didn’t pay anything to Stana – she literally did it for art’s sake – and when they finished the post-production they uploaded to iTunes, where there has been an overwhelming success. It has been ranked number 1 on the network, it’s one of the most downloaded films from iTunes and it has already raised over $ 200 000. Nice way to show to the film studios that they don’t need millions of dollars to make a good and successful movie!

Q: Season three finale ended with a huge suspense. Did you imagine that they would take the show that way?
A: I think that that plot was essential to the story; it was very important that my character needed to have a traitor, because that brings her a little more closer to the truth about her mother’s murder. I asked the writers and producers that I needed Kate’s mom to be more present in the show. So at the season 3 finale you can see that I was hanging a collar with a ring that belonged to my mom. It was also very important that Kate’s father appeared, because it makes my character a little more three-dimensional.

Q: What else would you like to be explored about your character?
A: At the end of the eps, we always see Rick returning home and talking to her mother about Kate and we could know what he feels about her, but we never see the other side. We are in the fourth season now, I think it would be nice to go to Kate’s house, see how is her relationship with her dad, what she does when she’s not solving crimes, what she feels about Castle.

Q: Now that Beckett is the target of assassination, will Castle protect her? So far has been the opposite, it was her that was protecting him.
A: Yes, but in season 4, all characters will have secrets. Rick is going to hide things to Beckett, ‘cause he want to protect her. And vice-versa.

Q: Another important thing that happens in the season finale, is that Castle asks Beckett: “So… you and me, what are we?”
A: Finally they recognize that there is something between them. Some writers do not want them to be together ‘cause they believe it will end the tension of the show, but others want them to be a couple. I’m one of those persons who think that Richard and Kate could be together and still have a great story. The game between them and the sexual tension can still be there.

Q: Tell me about Sophia, your character in “For Lovers Only”.
A: The meeting between Yves and Sophia is very strong. They are not two strangers who fall in love at first sight. They are two lovers who have a vast background, a whole past. Playing Sophia, by the way the film was made, it was something that lasted twenty-four hours a day. It wasn’t like other characters, where you just return home and let them away. There, we were Yves and Sophia all the time, because Michael could come any time and say: “Action!”

Q: How is it to work with the Polish brothers?
A: With Mark, that he also acted, was more a focused relationship in our characters. All the time we talked about them, it was almost like a teenager relationship between us. And Michael was the observer. He was the one who had to find our angles. They know each other perfectly well, they have a very creative complicity. “For Lovers Only” is a very intimate film. And we needed trust and telephatic communication between actor and director. This film is so intimate, that can give people a little shame when they sees it.

Q: In addition to the success on iTunes, the film has just won the Audience Award at the Transatlantyk Film Festival. Overall, the film resulted very well…
A: We are very surprised by how well it has been received. There was no advertising budget, so it just was all about recommendation stuff. The film gives young filmmakers a lot of hope because it shows them that it is accessible to develop a production. The Polish brothers always have tried to show that if you wanna make a good movie, you do not have to wait to get10million dollars. You just have to g rab a camera, get some actors and shoot your story.


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